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Fresh Air 2014 Trailer - Melbourne, Australia

"Fresh Air is an international festival of games and play presented by Pop Up Playground, Melbourne.
It’s on at Federation Square on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of March, 2014.”

More info on the FB Event Page.

Pixel Punks - a showcase of deranged DIY games.

Molleindustria (Paolo Pedercini), Caitlin Boyle, Tim Sherman, and Tenley Schmida (aka Crushed Screen Collective) put an exhibition of indie/DIY games together.

7 Feb 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA, USA

From Molleindustria’s blog post:

Pixel Punks showcases rough around the edge, confrontational, homemade games in the context of an historical punk venue in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s in part inspired by new arcade experiences like BabyCastles circa 2010, and in part a response to the museification/institutionalization of artsy videogames.

“Arcades are not dead! Skip school and waste your time at Pixel Punks, a showcase of deranged independent games. In the depths of the Internet a brave new movement of DIY game makers is producing rough, cheap, and brilliant digital entertainment. Their budget is zero. Their deadlines are whenever they want. Their games are fast and direct like a three-chord-song or visceral and political like a photocopied zine. Pixel Punks is an homage and a gateway drug to this exciting phenomenon.”

Spielsalon Kassel 2013

27 November - 1 December 2013

From the website: “The SPIELSALON is the festival of author games. For the second time it presented in a contemporary show the artistic development of computer games.”


Perfect Woman; Papers, Please; Viscera Cleanup Detail; Vincent & Emily; Die Hand Gottes; Antichamber; Unmanned; Domenique Pampelmousse; Pong Invaders Reality; Slave Of God; Symmetrain; SPACE TEAM; CART LIFE; Surgeon Simulator; Catventure; Social System; MAJOR BUENO Collection; Stanley Parable; Spy Party; Objectif; Comet Tail; Lilith’s Pet; the best amendement; Personal Trip to the Moon; Tri; The Game of War; Flickering Lights Show.

Playful Culture Magazine #1

First edition of Playful Culture Magazine. Collection of Playful Culture articles, curated by zo-ii, creator of this tumblr.

The magazine is a collection of articles from different outlets and writers covering play, (indie) games, game and playful culture, performance, theatre and more.

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